Separatist Nationals

Way too many people in this country are remaining completely in their own little subculture or ethnic group.

They do not interact with people that are different than they are, in general.

It really is a selfish and inhuman thing to treat people entirely as a commodity, without any human grace or consideration.



Aging & Death

All of the public figure deaths and family deaths lately have led me to contemplate aging and death.

It is amazing how good we think people should look, and how most, I am thinking here of Hollywood actors, don’t.

The thing that got me thinking this most was the cast of ALIENS. That movie lives in a special place in my heart. To see photos of those actors about 30 years later was beyond shocking to me. In my head, those characters were still flying around in that universe, young and vital as ever. To see the strong energetic drill sergeant, Al Matthews, now a very old looking man of 75 years old, was mind-blowing. Reality hits. Several of the actors were dead. Others were not at all even recognizable as the same person.

Appearances and emotions: If we think of how people in the movies made us feel, presumably because of their physiology, as well as their personality and emotions, what a fickle thing it is if our feeling changes about an actor because of the fact that they age 10 or 15 years.

Everyone, rock stars, movie stars, billionaires, and ordinary people, tries to hold onto it, life and youth, for as long as possible.

But some things are universal, and the seriousness that age imparts is undeniable. Even Jim Carrey is now doing a completely serious horror movie. His looks now have a gaunt and serious feel. Hard to find that funny in a goofy, youthful way.

Maybe it is a grace from our Creator that we are led to contemplate the end of our present earthly existence, our mortality, that we may become wise.

Curtis Smale